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I can probably market myself as an expert on my own. Why should I use IEN?

IEN can offer you access to expert engagements based on:

  • Our specialized position in the expert referral service marketplace as being only for
  • IEN invests in active listings and advertisements on websites and legal periodicals on
    behalf of its membership. 
How big is IEN’s network of insurance experts?

IEN’s network currently contains over 500 insurance experts and growing, making IEN one of the largest networks for insurance experts available to attorneys.

How fast do I have to respond to an inquiry from IEN?

Our commitment to our clients is to provide candidates within 48 hours, so rapid responses can improve your chance of being successful on an engagement.

Is there a Membership Fee?

Yes; a low annual membership fee of $365.

How do I pay my Membership Fee?

With IEN you have the ability to pay your membership fee online with a credit card. You
can send us a check, instead. If presently involved in a case, you will be able to pay your
renewal membership fee out of case proceeds.

How am I paid?

IEN will charge fees for services performed and expenses as per the Expert Fee Schedule that the member provides. Fees and terms are subject to revision with 60 days written notice. With the signed Referral Confirmation, IEN will receive a cash retainer that won’t be billed against until all amounts due under the engagement are invoiced and paid. IEN will then invoice the client/attorney monthly for fees and expenses based on the hours and support documentation provided by the member. Upon receipt of payment for advance or invoice, IEN will remit the net amount due to the member.

How does IEN make their money?

Fees other than expenses reflect an administrative charge on the gross amount invoiced by IEN.

What about travel and expenses?

All travel and expense items are invoiced at cost with no mark-up by IEN

What happens if the client/attorney does not pay?

Less than 1% of all fees have been uncollectible, as attorneys value their relationship with IEN. Our Engagement Letter outlines late charges associated with delinquent amounts and suspension of services. We will pursue reasonable collection activities, but IEN does not assume responsibility for any unpaid amounts due the member.

Is there a contract between IEN and the client/attorney?

Yes; an Engagement Letter is signed by the attorney/client

How can I make additional income from referrals to IEN?

Paid members can obtain additional income in two ways:
1. If you refer a new IEN Member, you will receive $100 payable upon payment of the new member’s annual fee.
2. If you refer a specific case from a client or attorney and another IEN member is engaged on that case, you can receive up to a maximum of $1,500 of the IEN fees generated from that specific case, payable to you as IEN is paid.

Other than referrals, are there any other benefits to members associated with IEN?
  • IEN members are selected before all others, when qualified for a case, and provided the opportunity to respond to a referral prior to any non-member.
  • Through the Communications Areas of our website:
    • Articles written by current IEN members can be posted
  • Expert Witnesses are automatically covered when engaged through IEN for professional liability in the amount of $1,000,000. IEN will deduct $125 from proceeds of each case for which the expert is engaged. Experts who maintain their own Professional Liability coverage may opt-out of this benefit.
  • Emails are sent to members providing generally applicable and useful information on a wide-ranging group of topics including expert witness best practices, insurance industry developments, taxes and working with IEN, etc.