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I can probably find an expert on my own. Why should I use IEN?

IEN can provide a number of advantages including:
Saves you valuable time in searching for a qualified insurance expert;
Access to a large current network of insurance experts appropriate to your specific case;
IEN personnel have expert witness, litigation and insurance industry experience to assist with your search.

How big is IEN’s network of insurance experts?

IEN is the only organization that is able to provide access to over 500 qualified insurance experts. We are continually adding additional experts to our network. We are the only organization that deals exclusively with insurance experts, mediators and arbitrators.

How does IEN find its experts?

IEN members are experienced insurance experts that are recently retired from respected
positions in the insurance industry or are active insurance professionals in positions which allow them to consult or act as expert for others.

Do you screen experts before you refer them?

IEN will discuss the information provided by the client to determine the most appropriate IEN member that will meet your needs. The IEN member will prepare a short qualification statement for your review specific to your case.

How long does it take to get an expert from IEN?

IEN normally will respond to inquiries from clients/attorneys with 48 hours, subject to special requirements in the search.

What if IEN cannot find an expert in their network?

If IEN cannot locate an expert meeting your requirements, we will notify you immediately. We most likely will be able to refer an appropriately qualified expert outside of our network that one of our members knows.

May I speak to the expert before making a decision?

Yes. We will arrange a telephone interview with any expert from IEN for you to determine if you wish to engage the expert. As you have had the opportunity to investigate and verify the expert’s credentials and agree that the expert is qualified to act as an expert for this case, IEN makes no representation or
warranty as to the qualification and lack of conflicts of interest of the expert.

What if I need an out-of-town expert?

IEN has numerous members willing to travel based on your needs

Who are your clients?

 Our clients are normally law firms and insurance firms of all sizes. Please click here for a
listing of some of our clients

Do you provide experts for plaintiff or defense clients?

We provide experts for both. However, if we receive requests on the same case, we will generally only respond to the complete inquiry that is first received.

What are your charges?

There is no charge by IEN for the search, including conversations with you to understand your needs, discussion with IEN members and participation in screening interviews with IEN candidate experts.

How do you make your money?

IEN is paid by its experts

Do you accept assignments on a contingent fee basis?

No, IEN does not. Fees are payable regardless of the outcome or the monetary value of the matter.

Are IEN experts likely to be thought of as “hired guns”?

No. Most of IEN members are active or retired insurance professionals that do not make a living from “expert” activities.