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Whether you need an insurance arbitrator, expert witness, consultant or mediator, IEN experts possess expertise that span over 125 areas of insurance knowledge and experience. What’s more, the staff includes insurance experts themselves and you can expect that…

  • There is no charge to attorneys or their clients for IEN's services.
  • Referrals are usually accomplished within 48 hours.
  • IEN provides access to over 500 insurance experts.
  • IEN provides CV, Fee Schedule and "statements of qualifications" for each expert.
  • IEN arranges a conference call between you and the expert(s) you wish to consider.


IEN Case Experience

●The attorney representing the defendant insurance company retained an IEN claims handling expert with experience in bad faith allegation issues.The expert will opine on whether the claim handling was proper and in compliance with state regulations and industry standards.

●TThe attorney representing the defendant insurance agent retained an IEN agent/broker expert. The issue on which the expert will opine is standards, if any, to which an agent/broker must adhere regarding Uninsured Motorists coverage limits for its client.

●The attorney representing the defendant insurance company retained an IEN agent/broker expert to rebut the opposing expert’s opinion. The opposing expert characterized the subject policy as new business even though the insurance company had provided coverage for the insured for over ten years.

●The attorney representing the defendant insurance company retained an IEN casualty claims handling expert. The case involves Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Underinsured Motorists (UIM) claims and alleged bad faith by the insurance company.

●Representing the defendant commercial entity, an attorney retained an IEN automobile liability insurance expert. The expert will review the accident report, accident expert report along with other materials to render the expert’s opinion of fault and insurance coverage determination.

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