Why Do Business With Us?

Whether you need an insurance arbitrator, expert witness, consultant or mediator, IEN experts possess expertise that span over 125 areas of insurance knowledge and experience. What’s more, the staff includes insurance experts themselves and you can expect that…

  • There is no charge to attorneys or their clients for IEN's services.
  • Referrals are usually accomplished within 48 hours.
  • IEN provides access to over 500 insurance experts.
  • IEN provides CV, Fee Schedule and "statements of qualifications" for each expert.
  • IEN arranges a conference call between you and the expert(s) you wish to consider.


IEN Case Experience

●Recently an IEN underwriting and loss control expert was retained by the attorney representing the plaintiff, which is an owner of a commercial property. The expert will opine on underwriting standards for ascertaining the insurable value of commercial buildings. The expert will also opine on the loss control inspection performed on the subject property.

●The attorney representing the plaintiff retained an IEN first-party bad faith expert in a matter involving the insurance company’s failure to settle a claim within the state’s required claim settlement regulations.

●The attorney representing the plaintiff retained an IEN Third−Party Administrator (TPA) expert with experience in disability insurance and claims processing. The expert will assist the attorney during an upcoming mediation and possibly provide expert witness services if the mediation is not successful.

●The attorney representing the plaintiff retained an IEN general liability insurance expert. The expert will provide consulting services to the attorney and possible future expert witness services concerning the wording of the employer’s liability exclusion on the general liability policy of the plaintiff’s employer

●TThe attorney representing the defendant insurance agent retained an IEN agent/broker expert. The issue on which the expert will opine is standards, if any, to which an agent/broker must adhere regarding Uninsured Motorists coverage limits for its client.

 Previous Case Experience