The services provided by all the experts I have retained from IEN have been professional, detailed and superior to that of my counterparts. IEN has consistently provided the right expert for the right job. That combination usually produces positive results. I will most assuredly consider and call upon IEN for any required future services.

Frank J. Ruggiero, Esquire
Law Office of Campolieto*Ruggiero
- Archbald, PA

IEN was very thorough in helping me find the right expert. The expert I hired not only had excellent qualifications, but was very knowledgeable in the specific area at issue and immediately focused on what I believed were the important issues. I was fortunate to learn from another friend of mine who is very well respected in the insurance industry that the expert I retained was and is highly respected in her field. IEN will be my first contact when an insurance expert is needed.

Robert D. Critton, Jr., Esq.
Critton Luttier &amp Coleman LLP
- West Palm Beach, FL

My thanks to the experts that were referred for making themselves available. Also, thanks to IEN for their professionalism. I look forward to future references.

David L. Pitchford, Esq.
- New York, NY

I was quite pleased with the services and expertise provided by IEN and the expert. On the scale of 1 to 10, he gets a 10.

R. Scott Wallinger, Esq.
Collins & Lacy, P.C.
- Columbia, SC

Insurance Expert Network helped reduce my search time for a qualified experts, provided me with multiple, well qualified, experienced candidates to choose from, obtained their resumes, rates and references for me and even coordinated telephone conferences so I could conduct initial screening interviews with the candidates who appeared to be a good match for my case. IEN was very professional and responsive.

Michael E. Jacobs, Esq.
McGowan & Jacobs, LLC
- Hamilton, OH

In connection with high stakes, complex litigation, our firm approached Insurance Expert Network respecting a series of issues that arose relatively late in the case. Trial was imminent, and we demanded a sophisticated analysis with a very short term turnaround. From initial referral to final report, IEN was able to quickly identify, qualify and refer experts ready to work. Performance of both IEN and their experts was professional, efficient and effective.

David L. Braverman, Esq.
Julie I. Kaplan, Esq.
Braverman Kaskey P.C.
- Philadelphia, PA

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