Expert Witnesses for COVID-19 Insurance Litigation

In the unprecedented development of the COVID-19 and government and business responses to it, the insurance industry has reacted in many and varied ways.The standard of care required of insurance industry practitioners does not change during a pandemic. Insurance claim handling during a government-required business shutdown requires adherence to standards and regulations. Businesses and providers breaking supply-chain contracts under government orders may be addressed through litigation. Much of this litigation has already begun. 

As you and your clients consider how to best respond to these issues, it is a best practice to take advantage of input from insurance industry experts. Insurance Expert Network, LLC (IEN) has assembled a stable of experienced expert witnesses within numerous areas of the insurance industry, whose expertise is current and applicable to current and future COVID-19 litigation.

IEN was founded in 2005 in response to a growing need for insurance experts. IEN experts provide expert witness, mediation, and arbitration services.

Our experts play a critical role in litigation, by educating the trier of fact on the intricacies of insurance, assisting attorneys in determining the merits of a case, testing potential evidence, or testifying at a deposition or trial. Our expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators are all accredited and have extensive experience in insurance and the resolution of insurance cases.

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