"IEN has been a great source of case referrals for me for 10 years.  The IEN staff is very efficient and it has been a pleasure to work with them."

"I have been a member of the Insurance Expert Network since 2010. IEN has always provided excellent service, has been a helpful resource for me as I have grown my expert witness practice, and has been honest and forthright in our dealings"

"I have been a member of the IEN network for approximately 10 years. I have found them to be a consistent and reliable source of referrals throughout my participation in the network. Possibly more important than the referrals it is that their operations are highly ethical and you can count on them to do whatever they say they going to do. In addition, you can absolutely rely on receiving payment for the work you have performed in a timely manner. I would recommend IEN to any expert witness who was seeking to increase their income and deal with honorable people."

"The IEN staff have been very helpful in advertising my insurance expert witness capabilities over the last 5 plus years, and have promptly handled my billing and collection activities. Their assistance has helped me land insurance expert witness opportunities, and effectively manage each engagement."

"My experience with IEN has demonstrated their value in my business. From responding to requests for a qualification statement to the final billing, IEN has provided superior service. They have found more cases for me than any other expert witness website, bar none! After securing the case, their services on the engagement letter, billing, and collection have proven the value of being a member. I cannot say enough about the superior service provided by the entire IEN staff."

"I prefer the Insurance Expert Network over others that I have used because they do a terrific job matching my capabilities and expertise to the potential assignment. That screening leads to much more efficient use of time and avoids my having to go through an 'application' process only to find mid-way that I am not right for the job. IEN knows their professionals!"

“I have considered consulting full-time when I am ready to retire and working with IEN has been great. First, they get me the clients and then they help me to land the clients. Then they handle all the back office details and let me do what I do best, offer my expertise to a client. I like the fact that if I have a conflict or don’t feel right about an assignment, I can pass on it knowing there are others in the system who can handle the work. Then I don’t feel compelled to accept every assignment.”

“IEN's first referral of me resulted in my retention. It is a terrific endorsement of IEN as a source for assignments. I will not hesitate to recommend IEN. Nothing succeeds like success."

“They [IEN] do all the billing.  All I send is hours worked. They set up each case with a retainer. I have never been disappointed with the cases I have handled with them.”

“In addition to the several referrals that I have received, I have found that IEN is a huge time saver and it is economically savvy for me to have somebody else do all the back office work related to my profession…My experience with IEN is outstanding and any expert or consultant looking for a reliable and profitable association could not do better than contacting IEN.”

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